offers you the phrase “Hairy Tongue”

Wine enthusiasts use a very specific vocabulary. Sometimes wine “newbies” are put off by such technical language used to describe wines. Drinking wine should not be intimidating. The words used to explain the nuances of a wine should help you to choose the perfect wine for your meal. Saying things like “this wine has legs”, “a fruity finish”, “a flowery aroma”, “very acidic”, “smokey or leathery”,  can intimidate you until you understand them. That’s why we use the term “Hairy Tongue”. Instead of saying “this wine is very tannic” which means that the wine has been aged for years in a wood barrel and has absorbed many tannins from the wood, we prefer to say “It makes my tongue feel hairy”. Can’t you visualize exactly what that means? Some people prefer a “hairy-tongued”, bold wine with a hearty meal. No matter how you describe it, if it tastes good to you, drink and enjoy! 

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