Where Did the Idea for the Wine Cloak Originate?

original-wine-cloak-2 original-wine-cloakAnn Rose saw the idea of a “swaddled bottle” at a restaurant in Europe and she and Paul Holly decided to expand on that simple utilitarian design by enhancing their Cloaks with embellishments, logos, and attractive designs.

According to Ann: “The European version was basically a plain unadorned twill fabric with a hole in it. Except for a simple border around the un-hemmed edge, there were no markings or designs of any kind on it. When I showed it to Paul, we immediately thought of the possibilities for adding fun sayings, silly designs, personalization and for corporate branding.”

Paul adds, that “Drinking wine is such a fun and elegant experience, and our Wine Cloak contributes to that ambience.” Now, we know that it is of European origin.


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