Enhance Your Tablescape with a Wine Cloak

chill-out-wine-cloak-tablescapecheers-wine-cloak-redWine Cloak wine bottle covers can add a special pop of color and conversation to your dining table. Whether it’s a casual dinner for 2 or a more formal affair for 10, a Wine Cloak can dress up your tablescape and make a unique statement. Drape a Wine Cloak over your white wine in a bucket AND wrap one protectively around the red. This simple gesture will protect your guests and your table from spills and splashes. It also can be color coordinated with your table theme. kathyrn-crisp-greeley

For more information on creative tablescapes, check out the wonderful Collected Tabletop by interior designer Kathryn Greeley.  This was written before the Wine Cloak was invented, so just imagine the possibilities with the addition of a colorful Wine Cloak to these wonderful tablescapes. Kathryn tried one out and loved it HERE.

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