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Announcements of new Wine Cloaks

Order our newest special design!

Order your very own “Hair of the Dog” WineCloak now!  It is the perfect Hair of the dog WineCloak - bulldog winecloakgift for any bulldog fan that you know. Dress up your table with our custom designed beautifully embroidered in white and red on a black cloak. Let the dogs out of your bottle of wine in style.  Woof!  Woof!

As this is a new custom designed special order product. please order 30 days in advance.

Order now!

Gobble on Sale for $14.99

This Wine Cloak is Gobble good fun and it’s on sale for only $14.99. It will complement your Holiday table with a pop of coordinated color. Only a limited quantity remain so order by Friday, November 21st to have on hand to dress up your Thanksgiving table. Comes gift boxed so you can have also give one to your Thanksgiving hosts if someone else is cooking. Helps to make a beautiful holiday tablescape.gobble-wine-cloak-orange-1 offers you the phrase “Hairy Tongue”

Wine enthusiasts use a very specific vocabulary. Sometimes wine “newbies” are put off by such technical language used to describe wines. Drinking wine should not be intimidating. The words used to explain the nuances of a wine should help you to choose the perfect wine for your meal. Saying things like “this wine has legs”, “a fruity finish”, “a flowery aroma”, “very acidic”, “smokey or leathery”,  can intimidate you until you understand them. That’s why we use the term “Hairy Tongue”. Instead of saying “this wine is very tannic” which means that the wine has been aged for years in a wood barrel and has absorbed many tannins from the wood, we prefer to say “It makes my tongue feel hairy”. Can’t you visualize exactly what that means? Some people prefer a “hairy-tongued”, bold wine with a hearty meal. No matter how you describe it, if it tastes good to you, drink and enjoy! 

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Wine Cloak Debuts Retail Sales at the Atlanta Gift Mart.

Drink-Up-Wine-Cloak-Nick-Mart7:14 The Wine Cloak launched it’s retail awareness campaign at the Atlanta Gift Mart from July 10-15, 2014. Sales were brisk, so you should be seeing a Wine Cloak display in your local gift store, wine accessory store, or winery. If it’s not there yet, spread the word about our new, original product. Ann, Paul, and a supportive sales team educated the many retail establishments at the Mart about our innovative product. We are excited that we found many new markets including realtors and hospital gift stores. The avenues for marketing the Wine Cloak seem endless, and we look forward to introducing many new styles in the near future.

5 Reasons Owning a Wine Cloak Makes You Special

Here are five good reasons why you need to be the first to own a Wine Cloak. You will prove to all that you are hip, cool and SPECIAL!!!

1. You’re trendy. You find only the newest, most unusual products around. Only really cool people do this.

2. You love to swaddle stuff. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) Swaddling your bottle with a Wine Cloak is the best in #swaddletainment. (You see what I did there.)

3. You’ll be the envy of your friends. Until you give them a Wine Cloak or they buy one, you ARE the coolest kid on the block. Cooler than everyone. Cool beans. Cooler than your kids. Think about it!

4. Your hostess gift will be the best. When you show up at the party with the newest, hottest gift, a Wine Cloak, you will be the sexiest person in the room. Because people seem to forget to bring a hostess gift anymore! #whatsupwiththat

5. You’re the smartest of all your friends. You are the first to know about, have or give a Wine Cloak. I think you should apply to MENSA.

Specify a gift box at checkout. No extra charge.


Where Did the Idea for the Wine Cloak Originate?

original-wine-cloak-2 original-wine-cloakAnn Rose saw the idea of a “swaddled bottle” at a restaurant in Europe and she and Paul Holly decided to expand on that simple utilitarian design by enhancing their Cloaks with embellishments, logos, and attractive designs.

According to Ann: “The European version was basically a plain unadorned twill fabric with a hole in it. Except for a simple border around the un-hemmed edge, there were no markings or designs of any kind on it. When I showed it to Paul, we immediately thought of the possibilities for adding fun sayings, silly designs, personalization and for corporate branding.”

Paul adds, that “Drinking wine is such a fun and elegant experience, and our Wine Cloak contributes to that ambience.” Now, we know that it is of European origin.


Give Your POP a Comouflage Wine Cloak on Father’s Day

pop-wine-cloak-4The POP Wine Cloak wine bottle and bucket cover works well indoors or outdoors. It will even blend with delicate china or fine plastic glassware. Your POP will be delighted this Father’s Day to be able to swaddle his bottle where nobody will find it because it’s camouflaged. The real working zipper adds a bit of whimsy to this fun gift. This is a Special Edition so quantities are limited. Order at

Send a Big Ole Wine Cloak Kiss to Your MOM on Mother’s Day

kiss-lips-wine-cloak-4Flummoxed about what to give your Mom for Mother’s Day? No worries…

Send your Mom a big ole Wine Cloak kiss for Mother’s Day on May 11th with the Kiss Lips Wine Cloak wine bottle cover. If you’re feeling really generous, include a bottle of your favorite vino and a nice ice bucket. And add a funky wine bottle topper. This handsome package will please even the pickiest of Moms.  Maybe if you’re good, she’ll even let you share in the fruity imbibement. The Kiss Lips Wine Cloak is especially nice and very absorbent because it is backed with lush terry cloth. Your Mom won’t whine at you when she opens this very unique and fun gift.

Order the Kiss Lips here

This is a Special Edition design, so quantities are very limited.

Just think.  A great gift for Mom. She swaddled you at one time. Now, you can help her “Swaddle Her Bottle”.

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