About Us

Wine Cloaks were conceived by Ann Rose and Paul Holly.


To know a little more about us and how we came up with the wonderful Wine Cloaks

Ann saw the idea of a “swaddled bottle” at a restaurant in Europe and both decided to expand on that simple utilitarian design by enhancing their Cloaks with embellishments, logos, and attractive designs.

According to Ann: “The European version was basically a plain unadorned twill fabric with a hole in it. Except for a simple border around the un-hemmed edge, there were no markings or designs of any kind on it. When I showed it to Paul, we immediately thought of the possibilities for adding fun sayings, silly designs, personalization and for corporate branding.”

Paul adds, that “Drinking wine is such a fun and elegant experience, and our Wine Cloak contributes to that ambience.”

Both Ann and Paul live in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoy the array of fine dining establishments there. Ann and her husband travel throughout the USA and the world and experience food and wine in many cultures. They also have a home in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Paul is a certified “foodie” and has lived in New York City and Atlanta. His love of the theater and food and wine makes the Wine Cloak a perfect outlet for his talents. Paul’s blog, Plays With Food http://www.playswithfood.com is full of stories of his dining and theatrical adventures.

He is currently working on a book chronicling his childhood food culture tentatively entitled, “I Never Made It To The Big Table“.

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