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Swaddle Your Bottle With Wine Cloak Bottle Covers

A Wine Cloak is a decorative and utilitarian cloak-like covering which is slipped over the neck of a wine bottle and flows over the ice bucket to not only enhance its appearance but also to prevent condensation from spilling onto your grandmother’s lace tablecloth. As you retrieve your chilled and opened wine bottle from the icy depths of your bucket, the Wine Cloak is already positioned to be swaddled protectively around the bottle. It is then easy for this perfectly wrapped wine package to present you and your guests with your next delicious glass of fruity imbibement. After the flourish of the pour, your precious bottle is then easily and driplessly placed back in its chilling glacial habitat.

If you would like to order some winecloaks, please email us at orders@winecloak.com 

Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Table with “Gobble” on Sale for $5 OFF

This Wine Cloak is Gobble good fun and it’s on sale for only $14.99. It will complement your Holiday table with a pop of coordinated color. Only a limited quantity remain so order by Friday, November 21st to have on hand to dress up your Thanksgiving table. Comes gift boxed so you can have also give one to your Thanksgiving hosts if someone else is cooking. Helps to make a beautiful holiday tablescape.gobble-wine-cloak-orange-1

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

A boxed and bowed Wine Cloak is the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the holidays. Perfect festive designs are Cheers, Joy, and Jingle. They will add the right amount of pop to your holiday table.cheers-wine-cloak-boxed At checkout, note that you want a box for your Cloak.

Order a Monogrammed Wine Cloak Early for the Holidays.

A personally monogrammed Wine Cloak is a great hostess gift or holiday present. This thoughtful gift will show that you thought about them in advance. You choose all the colors that match their personality. Comes nicely gift boxed. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. $30.

“Congratulations!” Wine Cloak for new Moms.

congratulations-blue-wine-cloak-1The new Mom has just had her baby and is swaddling it protectively. Now, she can also “swaddle” a bottle of wine to celebrate the new addition to the family. Wine Cloaks in Pink or Baby Blue are the perfect gift for a new Mom who can now enjoy a bottle of wine.  New Dads enjoy a cigar, so this is the perfect gift for a new Mom. The Wine Cloak can also be signed by the giver with an indelible ink pen so the recipient can have a nice remembrance of the gift. Please specify Pink or Baby Blue at checkout.

Where Did the Wine Cloak Originate?original-wine-cloak

Ann Rose saw the idea of a “swaddled bottle” at a restaurant in Europe and she and Paul Holly decided to expand on that simple utilitarian design by enhancing their Cloaks with embellishments, logos, and attractive designs. According to Ann: “The European version was basically a plain unadorned twill fabric with a hole in it. Except for a simple border around the un-hemmed edge, there were no markings or designs of any kind on it. When I showed it to Paul, we immediately thought of the possibilities for adding fun sayings, silly designs, personalization and for corporate branding.” Paul adds, that “Drinking wine is such a fun and elegant experience, and our Wine Cloak contributes to that ambiance.” Now, we know that it is of European origin.


Wine Cloaks Can be Used for Whites or Reds
It’s obvious that white wines should be chilled before serving. Most people think that red wines should be served at “room temperature”. But, that old adage refers to the “room temperature” in castles or cellars, not in our overheated homes. According to Wine Spectator Magazine, the ideal serving temperature for a red wine is much cooler than room temperature, or 50-65 degrees. Reds in many wine chillers are kept at 57 degrees. But if you don’t have a wine chiller or have just brought the red wine home, the best idea is to dunk that red in a bucket for about 10 minutes before serving. The bucket should contain a mixture of ice and water (not just ice) to ensure even distribution of the chill. With reds especially. it’s better to start out at a lower temperature because it will warm up after it’s served. Before serving, be sure to swaddle that red (and the white) in a Wine Cloak bottle and bucket cover to prevent condensation and drips from falling on you or your guests. Chilling of reds cam be especially important if you have made a “frugal” purchase. For, even a low end red can still be palate pleasing with a bit of “chilling out”.


Great hostess gift Innovative wine product
Perfect for wine lovers Unique dining accessory
Special occasion present Impress your friends
Elegant but affordable
Can be personalized


Wine Cloak wine bottle and bucket covers are priced in the $20 range for standard designs, and quotes are provided for custom designs. They are perfect for housewarming gifts, weddings, anniversaries and special occasions. A Wine Cloak is an excellent gift for the wine lover who you think has everything. Postage and handling is $2 for 1, $3 for 2, and FREE for 3 or more.

Wine Cloaks can memorialize an event if you take an indelible ink pen with you and get all your guests to sign the Cloak. It will be a memory to last a lifetime.

Made In The USA
Wine Cloaks are all made in the USA by local artisans, embroiderers, and seamstresses. Every effort is made to source our materials from “Made in America” companies. We will NEVER make our products outside the USA in order to save a buck. We believe in supporting American businesses when at all possible.

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